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Whether for trial or mediation, your legal team needs more than a hotel’s conference room to perform their best. They need a dedicated space that can meet the requirements of a legal team and help them perform their best.

They want a place to relax that isn’t their hotel room or an unfamiliar place in a city they don’t know.

Warehouse 208 provides both. Our legal war room has been designed to provide lawyers and litigation support staff with a place to work and to play.

If your legal team is preparing for trial or mediation at the Sam B. Hall Federal Building, you want them performing their best.

Warehouse 208 can provide a legal office space to rent that will help your team succeed at trial.

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Working In The Legal War Room

Warehouse 208 was built with corporate legal teams in mind. We’ve designed our facility with everything a corporate law practice needs to for a successful trial:

  • 6200+ square feet of available office space
  • Private interview rooms ready for teleconferencing
  • High-speed internet access
  • Dedicated breaker box for copiers and printers

The spacious interior of Warehouse 208 allows for an unprecedented amount of customization and organization options. The main hall is well suited to an open office plan and is equally adapted to cubicles and other office organizational strategies.

Relaxing In The Legal War Room

Warehouse 208 offers more than a temporary war room and office space for your team. We’re a fully-realized modern workspace that understands the unique needs of lawyers, mediators, and litigation support professionals.

That’s why we’ve incorporated lounges and other amenities to make your stay more pleasant, including:

  • Furnished lounges
  • Televisions with Roku
  • Full-sized golf simulator
  • Billiards room
  • Coffee bar
  • Kitchen with refrigerator and commercial sink
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  • Main Office Space

    Warehouse 208’s main office space is 6200 square feet perfect for adapting into an open or cubed office space. Windows look out on downtown Marshall, TX, and provide natural light to brighten the space.

  • Interview Rooms

    Warehouse 208 features several private interview rooms that can be used to prepare witnesses for trial. They’re wired with high-speed internet and are ready for teleconferencing and Zoom meetings, as well.

  • Kitchen & Dining Area

    Just off the main office space, there’s a kitchen space with a full-sized refrigerator, coffee bar, and service sink. The nearby dining area is perfect for group or individual diners.

  • Lounge

    Warehouse 208’s furnished lounge provides a place for your attorneys to relax when they’re off the clock. Adjacent to the game room, the lounge features: Big screen projection television, Wii Console, Roku, Full-sized golf simulator.

  • Game Room

    We’ve designed our temporary war room to provide an area for work and play. Warehouse 208’s relaxation area includes a game room with the traditional favorites, including: Pool, Shuffleboard, Table tennis, Foosball, Cornhole.

Centrally Located In Downtown Marshall, TX

We took care when selecting Warehouse 208’s location. Warehouse 208 is just a five-minute walk from the Sam B. Hall Federal Building. When your legal team is ready for trial, they’re only a stone’s throw away from there they’ll be conducting it.

Book Your Team’s War Room Today

If you’re looking for a place for your team to work that provides for both their work and leisure activities, contact Warehouse 208 today. We’ll schedule a walkthrough and begin the booking process immediately.